Rpg bot made by shakyrax

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Bender is the ultimate RPG bot with its own currency where you can obtain, trade, and sell items with other users.

Currency and Economy

Bender's main currency is tacos 🌮 which can be gained by performing simple commands throughout the day!


Unlock unique achievements in Bender for bragging rights, and climb to the top of the leaderboards!


play a game of Fruits with up to 10 users, Test your luck and slot some tacos, or Use the black market auction house to buy and sell items!



List of commands available on the server. Note: commands will be added on later

Name Usage Description
Profile -profile Display a user's profile
Patch Notes -patchnotes Display the latest updates added to Bender!
Thank -thank [user] Thank a user and they get 10 tacos!
Sorry -sorry [user] Say sorry to a user and they get 10 tacos!
Welcome -welcome [user] Welcome a user and they get 20 tacos!
Cook -cook Cook some tacos every 24 hours!
Give -give [user] number Give the mentioned user some number of tacos!
Inventory -inv View your inventory of items!
Shop -shop Enter Bender's shop use -shop long to see full descriptions!
Prepare -prepare Prepare some tacos from your taco stands!
Throw -throw [user] Throw a taco at the mentioned user
Scavenge -scavenge Use your pickaxe to scavenge items every hour
Standings -standings Show taco standings
Help -help Show an indepth description of Bender commands
Item help -itemhelp Show an indepth item help
RPG help -rpghelp Show an indepth rpg help description
Market help -markethelp Show an indepth black market auction house description
Use -use [item name] [user](if applicable) Uses an item you found
Slots -slots [number] Play slots and bet [number] of tacos
Raffle -raffle Enter the raffle, costs 50 tacos, raffle ends when 7 players are in
RPG Start -rpgstart [user] [user] [user] Start an rpg event with the mentioned users [ 2-4 mentions required]
RPG Queue -rpgqueue [num] Enter the RPG queue from any server to join other players, num can be 2-5
RPG Leave Queue -rpgleave Leave the current Queue you are in for RPG
Cast -cast [ability] [target] eg: -cast tacoheal [user] OR -cast attack 2 OR -cast iceshards
Put on -puton [1-3] [first word of item] Put on an item that can be worn, it will give you taco and rpg bonuses!
Take off -takeoff [1-3] Take off an item you are currently wearing
Wearing -wearing Summary of all the items you are wearing and their bonuses
Combine -combine Combine the item into an improved or refined item - you need 5 for rares, and 4 for ancients
Trade -trade [user] [first word of item] [amount] Trade with a user
Auction -auction [first word of item] Create an auction for an item in your inventory
Bid -bid [user] [amount] Bid for the item the user is auctioning for the amount of tacos

If you are unsure about how to use any commands head on over to our discord server: